Wiltshire Music Centre's LED light project

Help us to install new LED lighting in our auditorium to reduce our carbon footprint and energy costs by 90% in our 20th Anniversary year

Welcome to Wiltshire Music Centre in Bradford on Avon. We’re raising money to install LED lighting in our auditorium in an upgrade which will reduce our carbon footprint by 90% and save our charity over £5,000 every year that we can spend on delivering our work. Please help us by casting us a vote or sharing our project.

Who we are

Wiltshire Music Centre has been a hub of creative learning, community and incredible live music for the past 20 years. The Centre was created as a space where local musicians could rehearse, where young people could learn to play music and where artists from around the world could perform. Every year, we host over 150 performances, create music-making opportunities for over 5,000 young people, and welcome over 60,000 people to experience and enjoy the Centre. In 2018 we celebrate our 20th Anniversary.

What we're trying to achieve

The lighting throughout our auditorium is very out of date and inefficient, but it is used every day and by thousands of people every year. We are seeking funds to upgrade our lights to LEDs which will reduce our energy consumption by 90%. We have the quotes and plans in place, but now we need the funds to undertake this work. We are hoping to achieve this in our 20th Anniversary year to support our town's pledge to reduce carbon emissions by 40% by 2020. We currently have a Category B energy rating, but we are seeking to be even greener. 


With improved facilities, we can offer a better experience for young people, communities and visiting artists, whilst also channelling the £5,000 we would have spent on electricity and bulbs into our year-round Programme of Creative Learning and music-making activities. This includes our free Music & Science Fair, Special School workshops, our programme of live events and Zone Club, our creative musical sessions for learning disabled young adults.  


How you can help

To put the upgrade into motion, we need to raise £20,000, and with your help we can bring to life our plan for an even better Centre in years to come. There are two things you can do to support us; vote and share.

  • Cast your vote to help us be awarded up to £12,500 from Marks and Spencer’s Energy Fund.
  • Share the campaign to raise awareness of our mission. 

Thank you!


Friday 20 October, 2017

Thank You! Your Last Chance to Help Out

Dear supporters,

Over 1800 of you have voted for our bid to win £12,000 from Marks & Spencer to fund energy-efficient lighting in our auditorium. Voting closes at midnight tonight and anything can still happen. This is your last chance to help out by voting and sharing the campaign with your friends.

Thank you!


Friday 13 October, 2017

One week left!

Thank you for voting for our project. The support we've received has been incredible and we're thrilled to be in first place in our region. The competition is neck-and-neck, and to maintain our lead we need as many votes as possible.