Warming Herne Community Centre

Our renewable energy project is to install air source heat pumps, to provide energy efficient underfloor heating, for our community centre.

Come Together - Socialise, Celebrate and Learn

Every community needs a focal point.  A place where people of all ages and abilities can come together to socialise, celebrate and learn.  Herne and Broomfield parish is intending to replace a dilapidated, draughty old hall with a welcoming, environment friendly community centre.  

Our Old Hall is Not Fit for Purpose


The existing hall is more than 50 years old.  The roof leaks, the thin walls lose heat and the old kitchen is too tiny to prepare food.  The toilets are not accessible to people in wheelchairs. 

Malcolm Saunders, Head Teacher of Herne Junior School wrote about our hall "The village has been making do with an existing building, which, quite frankly, is not fit for purpose. It is poorly insulated and full of damp. Many of our parents refuse to send their children to events and activities on offer there, as they state that it is too cold in the winter months and that the essential facilities, eg. size of kitchen and toilets, are woefully inadequate. I also believe that it is not DDA compliant and would not meet the Equalities Act."

Strong Demand

There is strong demand for community facilities in the area with most halls fully booked for most of the time. 

Snug & Warm – Environmentally Friendly


The building chosen by our local community, has been designed to a high standard of excellence and of sustainable construction. This includes 10kw of integrated Solar PV tiles, to provide electricity for the kitchen and hall and power the efficient LED lights of the building; air source heat pumps will provide underfloor heating, plus an energy free ventilation system will be installed.  Together these innovations will reduce the cost of running the centre and ensure that everyone can be comfortable inside and it will be suitable for people who may not cope well with the cold, like wheelchair users, elderly people and young children.

Setting an Example

We hope by setting an example to the community that it will encourage more residents and local business to invest in renewable technology.

Fully Accessible

The new centre will be fully accessible to all, with facilities chosen after consulting our neighbours at Strode Park Foundation for Disabled People.

Activities for everyone

We anticipate that the community centre will feature a diverse programme of activities including dancing, Pilates, indoor bowls, children's birthday parties and meeting space for clubs and youth groups.  The centre has been designed in a flexible way so that the three spaces inside can be used together or independently.  


Main Hall

The main hall has capacity for 120 people and is suitable for wedding receptions and christenings.  Being so close to the church we expect this to be a very popular option! It will also be useful for training, conferences, quiz nights and family parties.

The good sized, well-equipped, accessible kitchen will increase the number of bookings as it would allow functions to self-cater, local clubs and groups to offer refreshments to their members, and wheelchair users and supervised children to prepare food with accessible work tops. There is even the potential for a café, the development of a lunch club for elderly or isolated people and much more besides.

Small Hall

The adjoining small hall will be suitable for about 50 people - great for clubs, games, education classes, senior's computer classes, and coding school for youngsters.

Round room

A third room will be available for groups of up to 12 people to meet.  This will be ideal for interviews, community wardens and councillor's surgeries, book clubs, citizens advice, and social and police services.  

We plan to have free Wifi to aid social inclusion - helping those seeking a job, people needing to view planning applications and so forth.

We hope you’ll support us in our quest to replace a run-down building with a new purpose built, viable, warm and environmentally friendly community centre to create a greater sense of community within our parish!

Please join our supporters and help us create a warm community centre by voting for us in the M & S Energy Community Fund.


Wednesday 18 October, 2017

NEW rewards on offer & our progress report

We have two new Rewards on offer:

See what goes on behind the scenes at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury - 6 rewards available

Family annual membership to Friends of Herne Mill - 2 rewards available.

See our other rewards at http://goo.gl/eYMFr7 to pledge or just vote.

Only 3 days to go - please vote before midnight on Friday.


What have we been up to this week?

Monica gave leaflets out at Reculver School on Saturday at the Murder Mystery evening, she was attending.

On Sunday we held our Thank You Tea-party arranged for all our volunteers that have helped the parish in the past year; with fundraising events like our Garden Safari in June, our Family Fun Day in July, some deliver newsletters four times a year, others have litter picked or have planted and looked after the village flower bed and boxes. Carol gave a short presentation about the 'Warming Herne Community Centre Project', the 70 guests were shown our video and 26 more signed up, most had already voted.

Cheques were presented to our local charity Strode Park Foundation for Disabled People and to Catching Lives, the charity for homeless people. They received half the proceeds of our Fun Day and Garden Safari respectively, the remainder went towards our new community Centre.

Sarah visited Herne Junior School at pick-up time on Monday and gathered 52 more votes.

We will be in Herne Bay on Thursday between 11am and 1pm for a last push. If you can help please ring 01227 372519.

The building programme is progressing well and it is exciting that we can now clearly see the layout of the two halls and roundel room.

Thank you everyone, keep up the good work. We currently have just over 750 votes, if everyone got just one more vote each before Friday we could win. Please try - nearly there!

Carol Davis

Warming Herne Community Centre Project

Friday 13 October, 2017

Warming Up

Thank you everyone for your support so far, it has been great to meet many of you.

We have attended Friday Coffee Morning in Herne for extra votes and cake! One of the ladies said she would take leaflets to the Herne Bay Sailing Club and Beach Creative Café in Herne Bay.  

No shortage of volunteers to go to the Bleangate Micro-Brewery Open Day in Herne on Saturday. Lots of leaflets given out. 

Took the banner, when four of us went to the Produce and Craft Market in Herne Bay last Sunday. Wore my top hat with ribbons (yes mad as a hatter!)

Spoke to lots of people, who were really interested to hear about our project, although quite a few already knew about the new community centre as the Glulam beams are now visible.

Lots of people gave their details and took leaflets to pass on to others. A lady who works in a local pub/restaurant took a pile of leaflets, which she said she would give out with the bar receipts.

What is good, the campaign has given us an opportunity to approach people to tell them about our new community centre in places we wouldn’t perhaps have gone. People are very interested in the facilities and energy efficiency of the new building and the fact it will be fully accessible to wheelchair users (with special worktops in the kitchen and a hoist in the toilet etc.). This is important as we have Strode Park Foundation for Disabled People in Herne and this will give them opportunities to attend events and mix with their neighbours.

Carol Davis, Chair - Warming Herne Community Centre Project