Tow Law Millennium Primary School - LED Lighting

We are trying to raise money to install LED lighting to reduce our carbon footprint and energy costs.
Tow Law Millennium Primary School - LED Lighting

We wish to reduce our energy usage and carbon footprint.

We aim to upgrade our internal and external lighting to LED (we have contracted electrical contractors to ensure that this is a viable option for us and we have been assured that it would benefit the school greatly). We would like to install a system that will switch the lighting on and off automatically. It will sense light levels and monitor when the rooms are occupied.

Having LED lighting throughout would reduce the energy costs of the school. This means that money would be freed up for other vital areas of our pupils' education. It would also improve safety and the security of the school site, as the LED lighting would be left on for longer hours. We have had to stop evening events during winter months due to low light levels around the exterior of the building. LED lighting in the outdoor areas of the school would allow events to resume and run throughout the school year.

In the current climate, the money for these type of projects is almost impossible to find. We really feel that having LED lighting in our school would benefit the development of our pupils. 

Our 'Green Leaders' are playing a part in this process and are involved in the process of calculating our current carbon footprint.