The Friends of Colyton Library Solar Panels

Solar panels, helping the environment, a boost of free energy, cost reduction and income for Colyton Library.
The Friends of Colyton Library Solar Panels


            Free electricity from the sun and an income for Colyton Library 

Secure the future of a public library in Colyton and a community building.  

Vote for solar panels. This is a saving for the community, income to maintain the library building and environmentally friendly. 

Tell neighbours and friends wherever they live. The project with the most votes in the region gets the prize.

The building of Colyton Library now belongs to Colyton Parish Council and The Friends of Colyton Library will be renting it for £1 per year. This gives the community security and control over a key building in the town.

The Friends of Colyton Library have to pay for the running costs and maintenance associated with the building. Things like roof repairs or a new carpet will now be paid for by FoCL. Libraries Unlimited will pay for a proportion of these and the costs associated with providing a library service but the rest is down to the 70 members of The Friends of Colyton Library each currently paying £5 per year. Even with the support of Libraries Unlimited this project is vital as it will supply a regular income. Any electricity not used by the library will be sold and if the panels are paid for by this competition it will be pure profit. An ecologically sound project which helps the community. What could be better ? 

When is the library not a library ?

By owning the building Friends of Colyton Library makes it available for : Knit and Natter, Colyton Book Club, Shakespeare Group, Colyton Theatre Group and various childrens activities. It is available to any group who wishes to use the facilities outside of the traditional library hours.

This is a community building and this project is part of securing it's future for generations to come.