St Gluvias Community Hall Energy Storage

Battery storage is our next step to better use our solar energy and keep the Hall affordable for present and future community use.

In Summary

St Gluvias Hall is already very green. Our electricity is supplied by Good Energy - it's 100% renewable. And we've already cut heating usage by 50% with insulation in roof, walls and double-glazed windows.

Our solar panels generate more clean energy than we need for everything... but not always when we need it. (But government pays us for every unit we generate).

Battery storage can do that time-of-day time-shift for our lighting and cooking*. Storage will knock down our paid usage for that by over 90% - a saving of about £460 per year. And if we double our use - say by cooking more meals using surplus food - we will save even more - around £825 per year at current rates.

*More savings on renewable heating will be the aim of another project.

Battery storage can't make us greener. But it will save us a lot every year on lighting and cooking. This will give us a huge incentive to offer more Fayre Share cooked meals to those who need them!

And now here's the wider picture:

Community is at our heart

Six years ago, a local petition persuaded the Church Council to keep the Hall for general community use (and not sell it).

Now a group of Church and Community people work together, in a properly-constituted Hall Management Group, to run and improve the Hall for the common good. Here are some people who contribute significantly to this work:


Our aim is to develop St Gluvias Hall as a centre for social justice and care for the natural world, for the benefit of all in the local community – a community which has taken the Hall into its life.

Keeping the hall affordable by reducing its energy footprint is a big strand in the continuing challenge to ensure its sustainability.

We’re meeting a need

A wonderful range of groups now meets in Hall and Garden. In 2012 there were just two groups. Now, in 2017, more than a dozen different groups regularly use the hall for dance, yoga, karate, theatre rehearsal, Brownies, cheerleading, home education, a community drop-in cafe serving Fayre Share meals; a community craft group with a focus on well-being; the Kitchen Garden is tended by an Incredible Edible group.  And we have occasional birthday parties, dances, craft fairs, jumble sales and photo shoots. They love its accessibility, its calm, light, space and its affordability.

Our typical annual ‘footfall’ averages 25,000 person-hours a year: of these we know that about 5,000 are children, 400 are students and 18,000 are adults.

Our hall is already making an important contribution to the strength and resilience of our local community. We want to consolidate that.

We're working together

Meanwhile, our applications to grant bodies and appeals have, with Gift Aid and an interest-free loan, already raised over £90,000. We now have step-free access, a disabled toilet, a new kitchen, windows, insulated wall and roof. Last September we installed 35 solar panels. Their 10kWp capacity will generate just under 10,000 kWh in the year.

Your vote will help us get to the next step, further reducing our running costs.

Battery storage will enable us to use our solar power to reduce energy usage costs and help us raise our contribution to the community to the next level.


We're not yet set up to receive Crowdfunding. But we're open for donations. Our hope is for an M&S Community Energy Fund grant of £8,000. In addition, we're looking for a further £2,500. This will meet the project balance of £1,200, an energy monitoring display (£500) and educational materials on renewables and climate change (£800) for local use. Hall Donations page

Technical stuff?

If you want to see our workings, they are in a paper Storage study note [pdf, 254kB]