St Agnes Sports Club Battery and Car Charging Point Appeal

Our youth tell us we need Batteries and Car charging to use our Solar Array, save money and go Greener. You can help.

St Agnes Sports Club Battery Appeal

To fully utilise the 25kW solar array your support has enabled us to have, we need to harness the energy into batteries. These can then help run the Club, go greener, save money and provide charging points for your electric car.

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St Agnes Sports Club supports local Sports, Community Projects and Charities.

It provides facilities for 600 members of all age groups to train and play

Rugby, Netball, Gig Rowing, Boxing and Football afb53a843976160737cde464df5c94ca.jpg

What is it that inspires us? A short play .....................................

Cast:    Teenagers at the Club for a training session: Andy and Nat in rugby kit; Hayley in football kit.     Sports Coach, Mr Wright, in football track suit

Scene:   A group of 16-year olds is milling around at the St Agnes Clubhouse waiting to start sports training.  Nat has brought along a battery powered racing car designed by his year at school. He hopes to give it a test run but has just found out that the batteries are flat.  Andy saunters up.

Andy:    Awesome try last week Nat!  What’s that pedal car doing here?

Nat:    Oh yeah, clever!  It’s battery powered, we built it in Design Tech at school.

Andy:    Does it go?                                                                                         7e5f5c5661823f9957d80db3d1064ae7.jpg

Nat:    Yeah, idiot.  But the batteries are flat.  Hey, Hayley - will your coach let us charge them up while we’re training?

Hayley:    Don’t know.  He might.  They’ve got solar panels on the roof now for the electric.

Andy:    Go on then, ask him.

Hayley:    Mr Wright ..............


Mr Wright:    Hello Hayley.  Are you here for girls’ football?  You better get a move on, they’re already out there.

Hayley:    OK.  But Mr Wright, Nat needs to charge his car batteries ..... look. (points to racing car)  Can he plug it into those solar panels?

Mr Wright:    That looks interesting.  Is it your school project Nat?

(editors note - if you want to watch Nat's Richard Lander Racing car in action at the Grreenpower International Finals follow this youtube link: )

Nat:    Yeah.  Dad brought it in the trailer so we could give it a go after training but the batteries are flat. Can we charge them up?

Mr Wright:    Well I don’t see why not.  We really need some batteries up here anyway.  We’re wasting too much solar power at the moment.


Hayley:    Why?

Mr Wright:    We need batteries to store it, and use it later.  But there’s a grant we’re applying for to buy some.

Nat:    Where’s the grant from?

Mr Wright:    Marks & Spencer.  They’ve got an Energy Fund to help clubs go green.

Andy:    Cool!  How much will we get?

Mr Wright:    Maybe £12,000.  But we don’t just get it – we have to apply and then win the most votes.  Last year we came second.

Andy:    Can we vote?

Mr Wright:    Yes, anyone can vote.  You can use a computer or phone or whatever else you’re all playing on at the moment. Get your parents to vote, and family . . . school friends . . . Facebook friends . . .

Hayley:    Facebook!  We don’t use Facebook!  We use Snapchat, Instagram ....

Nat:    WhatsApp . . .

Mr Wright:    OK, whatever.  But I can send you a link and then can you spread it around a bit?

Andy:    OK                  Nat:    Yeah                   Hayley:    Yes.

Mr Wright:    It would be good not to feel guilty whenever we use the floodlights for training. And it will be great to charge my electric car when I am here training and playing.                                                                                    3a357dd53dbc9cc10f7799337295599e.jpg

Mr Wright:   Right, now let’s get out there and get on with it. There’s a lot of matches coming up.  We want to win some more cups this year.

Andy, Nat, Hayley:     Oggy, Oggy, Oggy (singing as they rush off, the boys shoving each other)


What the adults say:

With your previous help we installed 25kW of PV generation on the roof of our building, partly grant funded and partly from loans. We have since added control gear to divert some of the generated electricity to five storage heaters to keep the fabric of the building warm and dry. We have minimised our energy usage by fitting LED lighting and by monitoring our consumption to identify waste.

Batteries will help reduce costs further, making our Club more financially sustainable and release more funds to support our member clubs and their youth activities. The reduction in carbon from this electricity storage will improve air quality and enhance our green credentials. It will also enable us to instal two electric car charging points for members and visitors to use.

The relatively low return on capital invested makes it unviable for us to instal batteries without full grant support; particularly as we are still paying off loans used to build our new changing rooms and complete our 25kW PV installation.

The self-funded work to divert energy into storage heating has improved the feel of the building and make it a more pleasant place for groups to meet. We also participate in community open days to show local people what can be done.


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Now enjoy a few pictures of some of our members, young and old



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