Sennen Churchtown Hall, Sennen, Penzance, Cornwall, TR19 7AD

Sennen Churchtown Hall Renewable Energy Project - SOLAR PANELS for our new roof - creating a more sustainable future!

We need YOU to vote for our Project

Who we are and what our project is all about?

Sennen Churchtown Hall (SCTH) is the first and last hall in the United Kingdom mainland and has been invaluable to the village of Sennen for over a century.

Standing within an area of outstanding natural beauty, Sennen is a remote village, less than a mile from Land’s End; consequently its Hall is a social lifeline for the local community. In the 1980s the Community came together to manage the Hall and in 2002 it was granted charity status.

The Hall provides a welcoming venue for various groups to meet and is the only village hall for miles around which has a stage. It also benefits from a large outdoor grassy space, making it attractive for special occasions, theatrical groups, auctions and many other activities.


What do we want to achieve?

SCTH Renewable Energy Project is part of a bigger long-term project – the first and essential part has to be a new roof but will hopefully be followed by an extension to the Hall. The aim of the project is not just to meet the changing demands of the present local community but also to create a centre which will be used and enjoyed by future generations.

After much fundraising and support from the local community, Cornwall Council, CRCC and the Big Lottery, we are now finally in a position to replace the roof. This is urgently required due to the dire condition of the existing one, which is unlikely to withstand the Atlantic gales of another winter.

Replacing the roof is also the perfect time to install solar panels for a greener energy system. By applying for the M&S grant we are hoping to complement those monies raised from local support, to fund a solar panel system for our new roof.


Pictures above: Yoga classes and one of our biannual fundraising auctions.

The benefits of the project

With solar panels installed, we will:

  • Improve the rural environment - greener energy provision and increased carbon efficiency.
  • Decrease our annual energy expenditure, allowing the savings to help with the Hall’s maintenance costs.
  • Make the Hall more inviting for the local and wider Community to enjoy more opportunities with access to classes, events and training, thus enhancing life skills and well-being.
  • Create a comfortable meeting place attracting more people to come together and benefit from a wider range of events and creative opportunities.


     Pictures above: Creative moments at the Hall.

How can YOU support our project?

We need YOU to vote for our Project, to help us achieve the final essential ingredient - the SOLAR PANELS FOR THE NEW ROOF OF SENNEN CHURCHTOWN HALL! We are so very grateful for your vote and support as our ultimate aim is to achieve a welcoming and comfortable common space for all to enjoy! Please join us!


   Pictures above: Tea party and Christmas fair at the Hall.


   Pictures above: Back views of Sennen Churchtown Hall, showing the roof (with its multiple 'historic repairs').


Monday 09 October, 2017

Quiz, Cheese & M&S Campaign Evening at Hall

Sorry that pictures of Quiz, Cheese & M&S Campaign Evening at Hall did not show in previous email (images were too big!).


Monday 09 October, 2017

A Big Thank-you! With your vote, Sennen Village Hall reached 2nd place! But you may still be able to help the Hall win?

  • Votes: Currently, Sennen Churchtown Hall has 652 votes! A great achievement, thanks to everyone who has voted and supported the project. However, you can still help us keep the momentum going. If you can encourage just one friend, colleague, family member to vote too! We are very grateful for your help. The campaign ends on 20th of October.
  • Banner Up at Hall: SCTH Trustee and Parish Councillor Chris Angove put up the ‘Vote for Solar’ banner at Hall (see picture below).
  • Leaflets: Over 1,500 Leaflets ‘Vote for Solar’ (see picture below) were distributed throughout Sennen Village and surrounding areas, and at the Sennen Farmers Market, to reach out to ONE & ALL.
  • Cheese, Quiz & Vote evening: Last Friday (6th October) Sarah Judd (Hall’s Chairperson) prepared cheese & biscuits platters (see picture below) and Rob Atkinson prepared and conducted the Quiz. During the evening Sarah gave an update of plans for the roof and on the M&S voting campaign, asking the community to carry on with the good work promoting votes for the Hall. A lovely community evening (see picture below)!

Picture above: Banner on Hall

Picture above: Leaflet distributed.