Send C of E Primary School LED lighting replacement

Replacement of energy inefficient lighting with LED lighting - 70% more efficient!
Send C of E Primary School LED lighting replacement

What is our project all about?

Send C of E Primary school KS1 building is dated and in need of much renovation. A recent condition survey has identified that energy efficient LED lighting would have a significant impact on the quality of light throughout the building.


We recently had a new building constructed for us by the Department for Education for our KS2 children. The new building is constructed to the highest environmental specifications and it highlighted the difference in quality of the lighting in the buildings. 

Picture 1 is a classroom in the KS1 building, taken one afternoon in average light:


Picture 2 is an equivalent classroom on the same day at the same time in the newer KS2 building:


The difference is significant. 

Similarly if you look at the corridors of each building, (KS1 is the first photograph), the difference is again clearly apparent:



Why should you support us?

We believe that happy children learn best! We aim to provide a safe, caring school with exciting learning opportunities in response to the unique needs of each child. Our children's time with us is short, precious and cannot be repeated. We want our buildings to match these ideals.

It has been found that effective lighting in classrooms:

"helps students see clearer and allows them to read faster. It also reduces the visual fatigue and glare that are typically experienced with standard color temperature fluorescent lighting".

The benefits of installing this lighting seems to be unquestionable but sadly, without help, beyond our reach.

As a school, environmental protection and looking after our surroundings form part of everything that we do. We have built looking after the environment into our curriculum and recently achieved the bronze eco schools award! We are hoping to achieve Silver this academic year. Part of achieving these awards is demonstrating how you are demonstrating environmental and sustainability awareness as a school and the introduction of lighting which would be up to 70% more efficient would be a powerful message to our children.

and finally....

Lets not forget that school budgets are under more pressure than ever before. Any savings that we can make as a school means more resources that can be purchased to make the educational experience of each child in our school exceptional.