Raising the Roof at Springfield

We're raising funds to replace our roof making our Centre warmer and reducing energy costs


Springfield Community Centre is a community resource in the heart of Forest Hall. We opened our doors in 1982, although our history dates back to 1919! Our Centre is used every day by a variety of community groups, including people with dementia, dance and fitness enthusiasts, young people, toddlers and babies. It is the only hub in Forest Hall and a place where people can go to try new activities and make friends.

Members of Forest Hall Community have said

"Springfield is brilliant" - Steven, Tao Kwando student aged 8

"I love bringing the kids to the events at Springfield, it's always fun and it's affordable" - Tracey, mother of three

" I came here as a youngster and now I bring my grandchildren" - Alf, aged 82

"A Community resource that offers friendships and opportunities" - Maureen, a volunteer

"There isn't much round here so it's really important that we support it" - Richard, a local resident

"It's a marvelous place for holding a birthday party, there's loads of room for the kids to let off steam and I can go home to a tidy house afterwards!" Rachel, young mother



We need a new roof!

  • Our roof is nearly 40 years old. Every time it rains it causes us to worry. We want to replace it with an environmentally efficient roofing system.

  • A new roof will allow us to save money on high heating costs, whilst doing our bit for the planet.

  • Cutting our costs makes us more sustainable, so we can carry on providing and extending the range of events and activities for local people.




    Your vote is really important to us!

We've already raised £13,000 through the efforts of our volunteers and support from the local community. £12,000 from Marks and Spencer Energy Fund would take us up to £25,000 which is more than a third of our target. Vote for us for the following reasons:

  •  You value the importance of this local thriving community facility

  •  You support our refurbishment programme

  •  It will encourage the judges to give us the money towards the roof we badly need


  • We spoke to the local community who have told us they would use our Centre more often if it was open longer.

  • We listened to the community and we are planning work with another local charity to provide a regular cafe service for drinks and snacks at Springfield.

This is only possible if we can refurbish the building!

We need to make the Centre more accessible and comfortable, ensuring a sustainable future which will benefit the wider community.

Vote for:

  • A more energy efficient and environmentally friendly building.

  • A more sustainable community resource for Forest Hall.

  • A happier community.