Potteric Panels!

Help us add solar panels to our buildings to make Potteric Carr even greener and inspire our visitors to consider renewable energy.


Potteric Carr is a Yorkshire Wildlife Trust nature reserve, an oasis for wildlife in an otherwise urban environment, only ten minutes from the centre of Doncaster.

The nature reserve has recently dramatically increased in size, restoring more land for wildlife and, thanks to a new visitor centre, visitor numbers have soared as we welcome more community groups, schools and wildlife-lovers to this incredible place.


We are hoping to work with iVoltz, a local renewable energy company, and add a 30kW solar panel system to our new Visitor Centre and a 5kW system to our workshop.

This will help us:

  • Make Potteric Carr carbon-neutral
  • Inspire and educate visitors about the benefits of renewable energy
  • Save £1000s of pounds every year – money to put straight back into frontline conservation

Using solar energy to power our shop, cafe, office, education centre and water pumps not only marries with our conservation values, but also gives us the opportunity to lead by example and promote renewable energy systems as part of a state-of-the-art modern building with low emissions to an estimated 33,000 visitors each year - and across our 42,000-strong membership base.


The financial savings we make each year from installing solar panels will be used to:

  • Create more resource to provide education and all-age community events (which have a positive effect on health and wellbeing)
  • Allow us to continue investing in traineeships and youth schemes to teach young people about conservation and inspire them to consider a career in this sector
  • Install interpretation boards about our solar panels to educate the public about green energy and encourage people to consider renewable energy for their own homes and businesses.


However, we can not go ahead unless we secure funding. This is where you can help

Please use your vote online to make Potteric Carr even greener, and consider donating on our crowdfunding page. 

Thank you for your support.  Together we can get Potteric Panels!