Parrs Wood High School

High Efficiency, Low Energy ventilation system for our busy music suit which is used by hundreds of students and visitors.

We have made all possible improvements to avoid overheating in the music department including improved heating controls. We have run three 1 month trials logging the temperature at 2 minute intervals to establish the Music Suit still over heats using official CIBSE overheat criteria. We have had quotes for conventional Air- conditioning and the Low Energy Fresh- air HTM system. We have had thermal modelling that shows the Fresh- air HTM system will effectively cool the rooms with a huge energy saving compared with conventional Air- conditioning. No planning permission is required and we are ready to proceed.

Improved academic progress. Avoiding depletion of school funds to maintain educational provision, performances for the wider community and charity. Increased comfort hence revenue from the local community who extensively use the facilities.

Lack of funding: It was difficult to fund improvements in music equipment and nothing was left for cooling, especially as the school funding formula has recently tightened. Music performances do raise funds (£6000 this year) but always for charity.

Cultural change: This system would be a great demonstration that thermal comfort can be achieved without energy intensive equipment, and this will be seen not only by the school community, but many members of the local community who use this facility