OXSRAD Sensor Light System

A new sensor lighting system will enable the centre to become more energy efficient and reduce our running costs.

Our lighting system is nearly 30 years old! It was installed when the centre was built in 1989. The current system is expensive to run and unpratical to use. We want to install a sensor lighting sytem, that will only be active when a certain room is in use. This will stop lights being left on throughout the building, even when rooms are empty. Having a sensor system means that our disabled members can enter any room and the lights will automiatically turn on for them, not need for them to negotiate switches etc.

We haven' t started the project yet as we need to secure the funding before work can commence. As soon as we have funding in place we can give the go ahead to start the work.

1) It will save OXSRAD money on our fuel costs, which can be used to provide other activities for our members.

2) Our disabled members will find the system easier to use.

3) It will create greater independence for our disabled members while they are at the centre

The only barrier we have is funding. We have the quote in place and the company is ready to carry out the work as soon as we have the secured funds to do so.

Installing the new system will create further independence for our disabled members. The motion sensors will help them move around the centre more freely. By upgrading the centre we also hope to encourage new members to join us.