N-Vision LED Lighting Project

LED lighting will help the visually impaired to have more independence, build confidence and live life to the full.

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LED lighting for The Princess Alexandra Home and the Low Vision Centre

4% of people registered blind have no sight at all. 96% have varying degrees of vision impairment dependant on their particular condition.

It is vitally important for the visually impaired to have as much independence as possible, build their confidence and live life to the full.

Appropriate lighting is essential for the care and wellbeing of the visually impaired. LED lighting will enhance what they can 'see' leading to a better environment, increasing their confidence and improving their social life.

Installing LED will help them enjoy a better quality of life.

And it will save money. Our electricity bill is over £22,000 a year. LED lighting will save £10,500 per annum. Money that can be far better put to improving our services.

In addition it will also save 31,000 KWh of energy and reduce Co2 emissions by 18 tonnes.

N-Vision - Blackpool Fylde & Wyre Society for the Blind 

A registered charity, originally founded in 1910, provides care and support for people who are blind or visually impaired regardless of age or means. 

Our services include -

  • The Princess Alexandra Home for 40 residents and 6 flats for those who are more independent.5dfefcb25fdf66e1f9356c141a8d158a.jpg
  • The Low Vision Centre providing practical & emotional support, visual awareness training and specialist equipment; computers, magnifiers, talking watches, clocks, scales, microwaves and a clever gadget that bleeps when you have enough tea or coffee in your cup!


  • An Eye Clinic Liaison Officer who offers vital support and referral at diagnosis in hospital.


  • The Talking Newspaper - the news in audio for people to listen to at home on specially provided equipment.


  • Caregivers at Home - delivering practical, physical in home support, gardening and DIY.


- for 2,200 blind and visually impaired clients supported by our 65 staff and 240 volunteers.

We do hope you can support N-Vision; please vote for our project.

Thank you.