Learn for Life Enterprise

Vote for battery storage and solar panels to improve our community and help refugees.

We are raising funds to: 

  • Make our learning centre energy efficient by installing double glazing.
  • Create a warm, safe and friendly social area for people to integrate, share knowledge and improve community cohesion. 
  • Provide four warm, safe, comfortable and welcoming classrooms which can be used to improve the skills of the local community.  
  • Purchase new furniture, new carpet and flooring for our main building and stairs.

Installing PV Battery Storage and additional Solar panels will:

  • Enable us to make our facilities more energy efficient, better, and more available for longer each day. This will help us improve education, social cohesion and integration for the community.  
  • Enable us to run extra classes for the local community. 
  • Improve mental and physical health, and well-being, by providing additional support to those in need.

About Learn for Life Enterprise:


Learn for Life Enterprise is a community hub based in the culturally and ethnically diverse area of Sharrow. We cater for and look after people from all over Sheffield, particularly vulnerable and hard-to-reach members of the community. Many come to us, as new arrivals to the city, from all over the world, and are often refugees and asylum seekers. As such they are invariably rootless and also homeless, or living in temporary hostel accommodation. 


Our objective is to engender successful social integration for them, and thereby promote community cohesion and resilience in increasingly challenging economic times. We aim to do this by providing training, support, stability and advice in a safe, friendly and welcoming environment.

We help by providing stability, somewhere warm to go during the day, internet access to talk to family back home, free tea/coffee and biscuits, language help and activities to integrate them into the Sheffield community. 


We strongly believe that for someone to integrate into the country they are living in, they have a basic human right to learn the language. Therefore we offer English classes to all. We welcome all people in need. Our classes range from complete beginners to advanced, with numbers growing weekly. We also aim to support and assist vulnerable people with the particular challenges faced when first arriving in the UK. We provide extra activities such as Maths, IT, conversation, outings, football, singing, music, arts and crafts, yoga and film. These activities help people to feel included, and give them psychological stability by introducing structure and routine in their lives after facing a range of challenging and traumatic experiences.


We have over 60 volunteers from the local community, including a number who have previously studied with us. They support our centre by teaching, mentoring and carrying out administrative duties and day to day tasks. Our volunteers develop an understanding of the true plight of asylum seekers and refugees, and this knowledge is thus shared throughout the wider city community. 


Learn for Life Acrostic Poem

- written by our Creative Writing class collective intelligence

Like bright candlelight at night

Examining your brain every day,

Acquiring new culture

Renewing your education,

Now your future is ahead of you, nothing is impossible

For a better life

Or the best way 

Remember always that

Living your life to the full

Is the perfect recipe

For the game of life and

Everlasting experience



"Learn for Life is a good school and college. It is like my home because when I came here all the people were friendly like mother, father, brother and sister. Every person have responsibility to another person. They don't care about nationality, all people came to this building they have future, they have hope for the future. Learn for Life is the light of the migrant and for all asylum seekers" - Medhanie, 25, Eritrea

"Learn for Life help people to become stronger with their English. They do not distinguish between people, they accept everyone - it is unimportant age, sex, origin, they help everybody." - Fatima


"It is great to meet in a nice, friendly atmosphere and to talk to people and make new friends. It is a good opportunity for self development and gaining new skills" - Rafal, 42, Poland


"The teachers are amazing" - Kibrom, 25, Eritrea

"Learn for Life is the best place to learn and improve your English in Sheffield" - Hamidullah, 27 


"It has many services like using internet and reading books. I'm very happy there." - Asha

"You can meet friendly people from all over the world. You have a very nice family feeling here.Learn for Life helps me not only by improving my English skills, but helped me to write my CV and get work experience too." - Neslihan, 29, Germany 

"This amazing place needs some help to maintain working in good conditions for other people in the future to share the same experience I have. Providing solar panels will help a lot with finances" - Ana, 18, Brazil


"From day 1 it was amazing. I feel like it's my family. They always help people and try to give the best every day. Learn for Life should get help because they need a new carpet and new furniture and they are doing it for the community" - Mouloud, 18, Algeria

"I feeling my life completely changed to better. I would like to thank everybody working there." - Amr, 28, Egypt


Thank you for supporting Learn for Life Enterprise