KEEPING THE LIGHTS ON - PV Panels for Knighton and District Community Centre

We want to install photo voltaic panels on our roof to reduce our carbon footprint and save money to spend on making our centre come alive!

It's the Biggest Community Centre in Powys, Wales. 

Help us Keep the Lights On!       


Photo Voltaic panels would help keep the Community Centre light and warm whilst also reducing the carbon foot print.

We could save so much money to re-invest in much needed community services for one of the most rural communities in England and Wales.



Since its opening in 1984, making viable this huge community centre (check out the pictures) in a small but vibrant Mid-Wales border market town has been a challenge.  By early in the present decade the cracks were definitely showing, the heating system was breaking down, the roof leaking and outgoings outstripping income.  Some creative thinking was definitely needed if the centre was to survive and perhaps even be transformed into the kind of facility that would really meet the needs of the local community in the ways described below. 


So it was that a new, energetic management committee (all volunteers, of course) who put its collective heads together in 2012 and came up with an ambitious strategy based on the "Community Hub" concept. Knighton and District Community Centre became one of three pilot Hubs in Powys, developed in partnership with Powys County Council as part of their Regeneration Strategy.


A significant fundraising exercise through grant applications, sponsorship from local business, and by working in partnership with Powys County Council and Knighton Town Council resulted in the completion of a phase 1 renovation of the building after 35 years of near neglect. The renovation included a new roof with insulation, double glazing, new efficient heating system, redesign of some interior spaces to make the centre work more efficiently, redecoration throughout, and the co- location of some vital community services, including the library.


Having achieved so much, the committee's aim looking ahead is to:-

  • Enhance and sustain a community asset that generates revenue for re-investment for one of the most rural communities in England and Wales.

  • Deliver affordable access to vital local community services that improve quality of life, health and wellbeing. For example Flicks in the Sticks, music events, a local Community Market and from October the local library service.

  • Lead by example and raise awareness with service users of the damage Co2 can do and what can be done to mitigate it. The Centre also works very closely with the Teme Valley Environmental Group (TVEG) and Edible Knighton to help improve the environment by establishing a lovely herb garden and espaliered apple trees border at the back of the Centre.


We want to:

  • Enable people to make a valuable contribution through volunteering at the Centre to help us keep the facility open and to run activities and services such as the library.

  • Build capacity, skills, experience and confidence through community activity, training, advice and information, which will help people to help themselves and others.

  • Reduce isolation, loneliness and the impact of poverty on health and well being, believing that in a rural area bringing people together to learn, share and have fun is vital.

What Will Your Vote Mean?

We run this vital community assett almost entirely by voluntary help. We do pay for 8 hours a week caretaking and cleaning but apart from that we do not yet have any paid staff.

Whilst great things have been achieved in the last few years, we did not quite raise as much capital funding as we needed to do everything.  Hence this application.

Whilst we will have already reduced our carbon foot print significantly thanks to the new roof, double glazing and LED lighting, we can still do more and we need to reduce our overhead costs so that we can spend more on meeting community needs. 

Your vote is not just about us winning or about the money (although we desperately need it), but it would be a way of telling us and all our hard working volunteers, who give up their time so willingly, that what we are all doing is worthwhile and valued.

Knighton thanks M&S for letting us present our case.  We wish everyone in the competition could win.  Let the voting begin!


Tuesday 17 October, 2017

More Reasons for 'Keeping the Lights On' - Please Beg, Steal or Borrow a Vote for Knighton and District Community Centre

Dear Supporters,

You have been magnificant in your support - for a small population of 3500 we have managed to get 211 votes (nearly 6% of the population). We know we can not compete with the cities on this campaign (lets be honest our nearest M&S is 35 miles away), but we have proven we have got what it takes, but we could still do more.

As a loyal follower we are asking you to make one last push to find someone you know who has not yet voted - if we all found one more person to vote we could double it! You don't have to pledge just vote.

Here are some more reasons why:-

  • The library service co-locates in the last week of November - small opening event on the 1st December followed by a more formal opening with the 'big wigs' in February 2018- we would hate for the lights to go out whilst you are reading your books - so get some votes.
  • Teme Spirits are working up to their annual performace extravaganzer and will need some juice for their footlights - so get some votes.
  • We have got an incredible programme of 'Flicks in the Sticks' between now and Christmas - the projector needs some power - so get some votes.
  • On October 28th the Little Big Band are playing for a fundraiser for Knighton Food Bank - they need power for the PA - so get some votes.
  • November 25th there is a 3 live band rock night - we need wattage for the decibels - turn it up to 11 - so get some votes.
  • We have a Community Market every 2nd and 4th Saturday and a special Christmas Market selling lots of lovely food, gifts and cards - imagine the Chrsitmas Tree without its sparkle - so get some votes.
  • If I start talking about next years events we could be here all night (and we would definitely need the lights on) but as a suggestion look out for St David's Day celebrations (3rd March), Gardening Day (28th April) and much much more - all needing electricty - so please please get some more votes.

Voting closes Friday 20th so help us go greener.