Improving the economic and environmental sustainability of the Chessel Centre

Solar panels for the Chessel Centre: reducing our carbon footprint and providing income for local community projects.
Improving the economic and environmental sustainability of the Chessel Centre

Help us to improve our lovely new Community Centre for BS3 Bristol


The Chessel Centre, on Chessel Street, is being built by the Southville Community Development Association (SCDA), the charity that runs the Southville Centre ( This new centre will provide a large room for hire by the community, a much needed 54-space full-time nursery and some office space for staff of the charity.

The SCDA successfully raised £1.6 million to build the Chessel Centre, but have been unable to raise funds to add solar panels and a green roof to the building, to make it more environmentally friendly.


You can help!

The SCDA have been shortlisted for £12,000 of funding from M&S Energy Fund to add 36 photovoltaic solar panels to the southwest facing roof of the Chessel Centre, but we need the you to vote for us!

What are the benefits?

Environmental: The addition of solar panels to the building will save an estimated 3,516 kg of CO2 per year. This will improve air quality through reduced dependence on non-renewable energies. The system will be installed by Solarsense, the South West’s leading solar photovoltaic (PV) installer and one of the UK's leading renewable energy companies, who operate from a Zero Carbon HQ near Bristol.

Economic: The solar panels will have an estimated annual energy output of 8,534 kWh, saving the charity an estimated £1,280.10 on annual energy bills, with excess energy being sold back to the National Grid through the UK Government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme. This money will be re-invested into valuable community projects run by the SCDA to continue to improve the local environment around the Chessel Centre. The system will provide a net income of £35,239 over 25 years, all of which will be invested in our valuable community, charitable and public benefit work such as work to reduce isolation in older people. The SCDA will also seek to improve the street outside the centre to make it more green and pleasant including planting trees and developing a community garden.


What can you do?

The SCDA is calling on the people of Bristol (and beyond) to simply click on the link and vote for us to win this funding and make a difference to the local BS3 community.

You also have the opportunity of pledging a donation through our crowdfunding site – many fantastic prizes are available. Funds raised through crowdfunding will contribute to the cost of installing the pv panels.