HEART - Headingley Enterprise and Arts Centre

Improving our emergency lighting will help keep all our users safe, reduce our carbon footprint and save money.
HEART - Headingley Enterprise and Arts Centre

We have an existing system which has gradually started to fail. Although it is still more than compliant with regulations we would like to upgrade and improve our emergency lighting whilst also keeping with our ethos of reducing the environmental impact of the building through energy saving. We have received a quote for the work from our local electrician and now hope to progress. This work will have to be undertaken anyway, we just hope we can alleviate some of the costs by being successful with this bid.


We aim to keep the building as safe as possible with renewed, and long term, LED emergency lighting which would reduce our costs and environmental impact.


The real challenge is cost. As a community venture we don't have much money and there are competing demands both in terms of the building and improving the services we provide. We are self-sufficient but a fund like this can be invaluable to us.

Some of our groups are elderly or have mental health issues or learning disabilities. We hope the need for emergency lighting is not constant but being able to promote high levels of safety in the building will encourage more use from such groups.


We would be so grateful for your votes to help us make a real difference to HEART and the large community that use it.