Green Wedmore

We are raising funds to install solar PV and a battery onto the back roof of our communities main building, Wedmore Village Hall.


This is Wedmore, Somerset, our community, our home.

Who we are

We are Green Wedmore, a village environmental group in rural Somerset working together as a community since 2006 to reduce our environmental impact.


What we do

Over the years we have;

  • Planted a community woodland
  • Held 16 Freecycle days, 3 Repair Cafe's, 5 Produce Markets, 15 Litter Picks, 40 articles in our local magazine
  • Supported local community 1MW solar farm
  • An energy saving pop up shop
  • Plastic Bag Campaign
  • Fruit Tree project
  • One Green Fair and one Energy Evening
  • Open Eco Homes scheme
  • Eco Movie nights
  • Local food cookbook
  • Energy Saving Home audits


Our energy advice pop up shop


Our Community owned and run 1MW Solar Farm


Gathering stuff for our next Freecycle event

The Project

We are raising funds to instal a 4kW Solar PV array to the roof of our Village Hall linked to a Tesla Powerwall battery.

The battery combination ensures the hall gets the most benefit of the solar kit since most of its electricity usage is in the evening.

We are working closely with the Village Hall Committee throughout. We have a quote and confirmation that planning permission is not needed. We have gathered a proportion of the finance required and just need to raise the rest.


Here is our village hall (please note PV panels will be on the back of the roof away from the road)


  • The Village Hall will save over £400 each year meaning it has to raise less each year in fundraising
  • The community will save over 1,800kg CO2 each year reducing emissions
  • The Tesla powerwall will not only save energy for use when the sun is not shining but physically shows the community what is possible; educational for young and old. We will install a meter and explanation board next to the Tesla showing what is being generated 24/7
  • Our village will have taken another big step towards a bright zero carbon future.

What we need


We would be so very chuffed if you felt able to vote for our little project in our quiet little corner of Somerset.

With thanks and love

Green Wedmore


Wednesday 18 October, 2017

Less than 3 days for Wedmore PV project

Hello everyone,

Many thanks again for voting for our project in Wedmore. For a small rural community, to reach almost 1,200 votes for a renewable energy project is a massive achievement.

But we are still in 3rd place and need a few hundred more votes in these last couple of days of voting which closes on Friday evening at midnight.

If you can think of anybody over the age of 16 who may be interested in voting please do ask them, they do not have to live in Wedmore.

They could be your partner, friend, relative, work colleague, anybody. Think about all those contacts in outlook. If using Facebook, sharing our post is great but for maximum affect it works really well to tag individual people in the comments under the post, that way it shows up more clearly in your friends FB page.

Thanks again and kindest regards


Friday 13 October, 2017

Wedmore Village Hall - deadline 7 days


Thank you for voting for our Wedmore PV project, it is hugely appreciated.

I wanted to let you all know that we only have 7 days left to find more votes, the deadline is Midnight on Friday 20th October.

The race is so close at the top and I just know that Wedmore can make it to the number one spot with one last push.

Bradford On Avon = 1292

Watchet = 1170

Wedmore Village Hall = 1053

Bedminster = 430

Nailsea = 422

Frome = 216

Yatton = 11

Filton = 5

If everyone of you can find just one more person to vote for our project we can double our score!

And if anyone wants to chat to us about the project, Green Wedmore is holding its latest Repair Cafe, tomorrow Sat from 10-1 in the Village Hall in Wedmore, where else. We have cake and tea and coffee as well!

Let's do this.

Thanks again


Friday 06 October, 2017

Wedmore Village Hall PV


I cannot say enough how grateful the whole team is for voting for our project.

Just to let you all know that I will be at the village hall;

- Tonight behind the bar for the Pasty and Promises fundraising event for the Church

- Next Saturday 14th 10-1 for our Green Wedmore Repair Cafe

- Friday 20th Eve for the Moscow Drug Club concert

So if you have any questions about our solar scheme or questions about how to vote or ideas for sharing this project to a wider audience please come and grab me!

What we find is working best is the personal approach so if you can send a personal email asking them to vote or if posting on social media like Facebook make sure you tag/mention your friends so it shows up on their page that will help.

Sadly we are now in 3rd place but battling hard to keep up the pressure on the projects in Watchet and Bradford-on-Avon.

The deadline is October 20th at midnight.

Thanks again and good luck spreading the word.


Tuesday 03 October, 2017

Wedmore Village Hall PV Project Competition

Thank you so much for voting, it means so much to the Green Wedmore and Village Hall teams to know that people are supporting this amazing Village community asset.

Solar PV and a Tesla PowerWall Battery set-up will save the Hall hundreds every year freeing the Village Hall team to focus on maintaining and developing this lovely old building. It will be a big step on our villages journey to de-carbonise our community and on such a public building will be a great example to everyone that visits, young and not so young.

Thanks to your vote we are currently in first place which is great BUT the second place project is now hot on our heals and gaining. The deadline is Oct 20th, just over 2 weeks away and it isn't over until it is over!

If you can ask your family, house mate, neighbour, and everyone you know that we need their votes to win that would be a huge help. The personal touch is the best approach.

Thank you so much again.

Kindest regards