Glenaire Primary School Run on Sun Fun(d)

We aim to energise and enthuse pupils in a small primary school to install PV panels and LED lights.

Who are we?

We are independent trustees of the Glenaire Primary School Run on Sun Fun(d) Charitable Trust founded in December 2016. We comprise two members from the local Friends of the Earth group; the Chair of school governors; a parent; the school finance officer; the school parental liaison officer; a teacher; and the school caretaker. We have a constitution approved by HMRC. We  meet approximately monthly to plan the classroom and School Council activities, together with our visits and appeals for donations.  The Headteacher is very supportive and is kept informed.

Enthusing  and energising minds

Teaching on the benefits and delights of solar power is on-going with all pupils; they generate artistic creations and activities which link with numeracy in the national curriculum. They have made a sun-centred  photographic display of progress (see below).255d3fbc00e3ff044d33e7ecc05d41e5.jpg Glenaire is a certified Eco-school with a pupil Eco-council based round their  school council. Moreover each class  is running a fun activity to raise money for the project. The gains for the school will be a solar-educated group of pupils and staff;  their computing system will be able to download the electricity generated from their roof so that they may use these figures for real mathematical activities. The result will be knowledge about, and confidence in, solar power for a rising generation of pupils, together with understanding and enthusiasm about reducing CO2 emissions. There will be an increasing commitment to solar energy through the involvement of parents over the years.

4c70a5364ca0711de304c3014091b3c8.jpgSupport so far.

We  are supported by the parents, and  the thirty shops and businesses I have visited. We have raised £7500 so far: big donors are the  Yorkshire Bank (£5000) and LUSH (£1000).  Local churches and Rotary,  together with many individuals,  have  donated the rest.  This  will be sufficient to install  a 4 kW peak array of PV panels and some LED lights in the  school.  But  the scheme is too small to make much difference. Bradford Council backs us but can no longer pay for PV panels. So we need much more capital. Our initial modest but attainable target seven months ago was £5500;  now we need to do better. The roof of this single-storeyed school has been surveyed;  it  is unshaded and eminently  suitable for many more PV panels.  We would now like £7500 more to match-fund what we have already raised.  Each panel costs £300:  any sum  would help install more panels and save more C02 emissions.


Community pride in the school

Glenaire school has  222 pupils 28% of whom are on the Special Needs Register; 42.8% receive free school meals (OFSTED 2017). The December  2015 River Aire floods affected some of its community. But our project will mean that the school will be admired as  the only solar school in its Bradford Council Ward. Moreover, I am publicising the Fund's constitution and modus operandi for use elsewhere in Bradford and nationally. The replication of our successful model is very important to us.b36e78b50422ac1820c753e59d845f94.jpg

Friday 13 October, 2017

Back Bradford's Bid

The Trustees of the Glenaire  Primary School Run on Sun Fun(d) have  raised over £8000 to install photovoltatic electricity-generating panels on the  roof of this 222-pupil school where 42% receive free school meals (OFSTED 2017).  We need to put up more panels, at £300 each, to make our project  effective.

We have got  1269 votes to receive a £7500   Marks and Spencer  renewable energy grant,  but another project - in Leeds - has 1307 votes;  we, the sole Bradford project,  are only second in our region.  We need to be first. 

Thank you for supporting us.  Voting closes on Friday 20 October.  So please would you put the link below on Facebook and send it to even more  friends and acquaintances, particularly  those who have networks at work, church   or in clubs where many can vote? Anyone I meet I give the link to - even my somewhat  startled Dentist!




John D Anderson. Chair.


Sunday 01 October, 2017

1000 votes!

Glenaire Primary School Run on Sun Fun(d)  has now been voted for in our  Marks and Spencer Energy Fund bid for £7500 by over 1000 people  all over the country, including you. We are, however, only second in our area of Yorkshire.  So I ask anyone who possibly can to send on this link to more contacts. and put us on Facebook:


Voting closes on 20 October.


Please Back Bradford's Bid!

Thank you.


John D Anderson.  Chair