East End Youth & Community Centre

At East End we encourage young people to experience opportunities and have aspirations to become valued members of the community.
East End Youth & Community Centre

Who are We :- 

East End Youth & Community Centre is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee with 5 trustees who meet to make important decisions.  We have been in existence for over 40 years and was originally a boys only club however due to local authority cuts and various other issues was in severe decline and in danger of closing.  

Approx 5 years ago it was almost the end of the centre and a make or break situation arose.  However due to a massive committment by a group of residents and users it has recently turned a corner and is now with a lot of hard work a vibrant community hub.



Local residents and community minded people took over the running of the centre and it is now an all encompassing community centre delivering several different children and young peoples activities from birth to 18 years.  

We also offer affordable community accommodation to other community user groups including scouts and beavers, exersise, dance and music including our own "Singalong Choir" made up of adults with disabilities.

What do we want to do :-

We are almost a victim of our own success in that we now have so many activities and users our running costs have increased 100% and it is this issue we are trying to address with Solar Panels alongwith increasing our sustainability and environmental awareness.

We have worked hard to upgrade the building and are continually attempting to improve the facilities to encourage new community user groups and young people. 

We have conducted an Energy Audit and we are working towards the suggestions made in this document. We have upgraded our boiler, improved our lighting and carried out improvements to undersized pipework and the ladies toilets (gents next !!)

Why do we want to do this :-

Fitting Solar Panels could save us approx £11,000 per year and this would have a huge effect on our running costs. We have an energy marshall who ensures that all users are aware of the importance of simple actions to save the environment.  We are also keen to allow some natural light into parts of the building which are currently very dark and need lights on whenever in use.  This area is used by our award winning kickboxers who when in the building see very little natural light this would have a knock on affect on our overheads.



We need your help to do this:-

If successful this will allow the charity to offer increased activities to the local residents and other users, good value rentals for community users and reduce running costs which all improves sustainability for the charity.

We will exchange knowledge to our partners in the community sector on the advantages of the solar energy.

However the most important issue is that this much used community facility will continue to prosper at the hub of the community.


Please help by Voting for us :-  

This is a community project that is growing and going from strength to strength. We can  increase access for users and members to allow increased activities , and continue to reduce antisocial behavior and improve community cohesion.

Savings made would increase sustainability of the charity.  Which could allow us to employ a caretaker to ensure the safety of the building and our users