Cornwall Wildlife Trust - Power for Wildlife

Solar PV for Cornwall Wildlife Trust. Reduce carbon and running costs to maximise funds for protecting Cornwall's wildlife and wild places.
Cornwall Wildlife Trust - Power for Wildlife

We are the leading local wildlife charity working to protect Cornwall's wildlife and wild places. We have helped people enjoy nature for over 50 years and are passionate about nature conservation.

We have identified solar PV as a major opportunity to reduce running costs at our headquarters. The advantages are:

1. Reduces our carbon footprint - good for the planet and for our neighbourhood.

2. Reduces energy costs and provides an income stream so we can maximise funding for local wildlife conservation work.

3. Living our values - demonstrating best practice to our members, the local community and businesses.

There is minimal visual impact as our plan if for rooftop panels and the buildings are not overlooked by neighbours. 

It would make our site more attractive to other community groups to use. It strengthens our position to influence others. Embracing renewable energy is what is expected of us. Our savings and income from this will be reinvested into our wildlife conservation work.