Archer Academy LED Lighting

We're raising money to reduce energy costs as well as our carbon footprint by installing LED lighting throughout both our buildings.
Archer Academy LED Lighting


Archer Academy is a mixed state secondary school for 11-16 year olds. We open our facilities for community hire after school hours and they are used by many local organisations and private individuals.

We are raising money to fit LED lighting throughout our school buildings because we want to reduce our costs and our carbon footprint.  Engaging with our community is a major part of our school's ethos, from being sustainable to teaching our students to become responsible and active citizens.  This project is a small but important step for us as we strive towards becoming a carbon neutral school. 



We already have LED lights fitted in the corridors of our lower school but we are hoping to fit them to the rest of that building and in our upper school as well.  We also have solar panels and a generator at our lower school and looking to also install these at our upper school building, as part of a separate project.

As has been covered in the national press, funding for schools is becoming ever tighter and so, at the same time as reducing our carbon footprint, we will be able to reduce our energy costs enabling us to use our funds to directly benefit our students and citizens of the future.  We will use the savings made to run community facing projects related to green energy, science, energy saving, recycling.