5th Skipton Scout Group

We're renovating The Dump and need a new energy efficient boiler as part of the renovation.
5th Skipton Scout Group

Scouting for all in the heart of Skipton for boys and girls aged 6 to 14 years.

Currently we are fundraising to modernise our headquarters. The now aptly named 'The Dump' gained it's name when our Founder Leader Ak. Ernest Edwards bought the old derelict laundry for his troop and said the them "Right lads let's get this dump sorted out" Unfortunately the building is now showing it's age again and as the group celebrates it's centenary we want to be proud to show off our building and all that Scouting has achieved in Skipton in the last 100 years.

Why the community needs us

The Dump is ideally located in the centre of Skipton, we want it to be utilised as a community building. Currently it is used for 3 evening scout group meetings and the occasional 'floor for the night', we feel this is such a shame, it has the potential to be a lovely building in the heart of the community, an ideal venue for meetings, training sessions, small concerts, rehearsal space, children's parties and much more. Once modernised it will be promoted as a community space.

Our impact on the community

Having the funds required will mean that The Dump becomes accessible to all members of the community; currently there is no disabled access and no disabled facilities, these are high on the agenda to be addressed. The building requires insulation and a modern energy efficient boiler system and so will help to reduce our carbon footprint. The building needs to be re-wired too with energy efficient lighting and heating installed too. Finally we will have a building to be proud of at 5th Skipton for the next 100 years